Kate Upton in a black Dress
Kate Upton in a black Dress

Hey guys, gals, and pretty much everyone.  Sports Illustrated just released a video with Kate dancing around topless, so that’s great.

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Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Video (Topless!)

Kate Upton dances in a pink bikini and shows us that dancing skill isn’t required to be a superstar model.

You can awkwardly dance for us any day, Kate.

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Kate in a Pink Bikini

Kate seems to REALLY enjoy the beach in a swimsuit.

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Kate Enjoying the Beach in a Swimsuit

Kate sports a bra made entirely of body paint.

VIDEO and extra pic after the jump.  That’s right, see it in motion if you click the button below.  It’s worth it, yo.   Ho ho ho.


Body Paint Bra on Kate Upton

Could you win this eye staring contest with Kate Upton?
We couldn’t.  Bonus pic after the jump.


Eye Staring Contest with Kate Upton

Kate Upton in 0g.  What a wonderful world.

Kate Upton in 0g

Kate Upton is Cool

Umm…. this is literally from today and is top 10 things I’ve ever seen.  Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy dance… watch it and then watch it again, and then maybe one more time for good measure.  DAMN!

A wise man told me today: “she’s not a good dancer but her body is literally perfect so it makes up for it.”  So true.

Kate Upton Cat Daddy

Kate Upton isn’t the only one with udders in this video.  Yup.  Hot Kate Upton!

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Kate Upton: Farm Girl